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Caddo Lake Fishing and fellowship guide services

Hello I am Vince Richards owner of Caddo Lake Fishing & Fellowship Guide Service, since 1995 I have been on Caddo Lake fishing and learning the lake while falling in love with the beauty of the area. I have been guiding since 2012 and have enjoyed every minute of this journey that Jesus has me on meeting folks all the way from South Africa to Canada.

With my Caddo Lake guide services I will offer professional assistance in learning new techniques and exciting patterns to catch bass. Clients Mr Dusty with his 10.10lb or Mr Terry with his 9.94lb along with Mr Daryl with his two over 8 lbs in one day all can testify that I will try to put you on the bite of a lifetime. I work on my craft 100 days a year on Caddo Lake trying to learn how to give the best guide service I can and love every minute I get to spend on Caddo Lake with folks who become friends and family all apart of the Caddo Lake family after they leave.

With my guide services on Caddo Lake I offer seasonal trips like the spawning season on Caddo Lake that has big bass spawning on the cypress trees as we have to flip our bait right up on the tree quietly while the bass rest on her bed. The summer season offers some of the most amazing top water action you will ever see like the action over lilly pads with a frog bouncing over them. The bass can't stand that and will explode at the bait and make your heart stop. The awesome time we have in the Fall will simply spoil you with the schools of black bass and white bass we find in the river system feeding into Caddo Lake.

With my guide services for Caddo Lake I offer gear for the clients and all the baits. We make it pretty simple and easy, just show up at the ramp and jump in the boat and let's go fish and show you Caddo Lake. If given the chance I will do my best to help you in anyway I can to have a blessed and amazing day on Caddo Lake while I try to teach and show you things you may have not seen on a lake before

Thanks again for checking out Caddo Lake Fishing & Fellowship and hope I can help you

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about caddo lake

Caddo Lake is a 25,400 acres lake on the border between Texas and Louisiana. The lake is named after the Caddo Indians, who lived in the area until they left in the 19th century. It includes one of the largest flooded cypress forest in the United States. Caddo is one of Texas's few natural lakes and is amazing with beauty and mystery!

The lake is believed to have come into existence sometime between 1770 and 1780. What we offer with our Caddo Lake guide service is a chance at a bite of a lifetime and an opportunity to see Caddo Lake in her beauty as many have seen for over 200 years. With the Caddo Lake record for big bass at over 16 lbs ( 16.17lbs) you know with every cast there is the chance for that one bite we all look for.

With our Caddo Lake guide service we will provide professional service with the opportunity to teach you new techniques and different ways to catch big bass or with different seasons a chance for many numbers of black bass and white bass on Caddo Lake. Spawning season offers a true test of will flipping baits up beside a fat cypress tree waiting on a big female bass to chomp on the lure. Summer offers some of the best top water explosions you will ever see over lilly pad covered flats filled with massive bass laying under them to kill anything going over their heads. Fall offers the most fun with white bass and black bass feeding up for winter and is maybe my favorite time to take clients, fun time for kids to learn how to fish.

Google about the lake and read up on the history of the lake, Google up the Government Ditch and read up on that or the Port of Jefferson, the history of how they used the lake for trade with cotton and how they used the water way in general. Just one of the most unique lakes in the South and the Country. Caddo Lake is simply just an amazing lake that is fun to fish and just like no other body of water around. Would love the opportunity to take you or your family, group out on Caddo Lake for a true once in a lifetime trip

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Guide Service Rates:

Half Day (5 Hours) $275

Full Day (8.5 Hours) $400